Our company has been doing business actively in US for 15 years, at the same time we have a history of more than 30 years of doing business in middle east. The history of our company consists of different sectors; mining, tourism, natural stone, food, textile. The main aim of our company is to establish strong bonds with our customers by bringing them together with the products we sell at the most reasonable price, costumer service and high quality. We supply various products in different sectors that we sell from our factories located several parts of Turkey. We also have several locations in US as well as turkey. We keep inventory in every location to supply our costumers without any delay.  In this way, we provide our customers with the best price and quality.



Why should you choose us? Because, as a company principle, we aim to provide the best service to our customers in the shortest possible time, and we offer them with our range of quality products at the most affordable price possible. The factories where we produce our products are under our constant control, and we have the power to provide our customers with any product they want in the sectors we are in, with the best possible quality and price. In this way, we aim to work together for years by establishing strong ties with our customers.